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NBA PLayoffs 2016: Standings update -- While you were sleeping April 4th

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Your daily playoff round-up is back!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Sorry this is so late, again, life is getting in the way. But one thing that's coming up very shortly will be the NBA Playoffs. It looks like our Utah Jazz are heading in the right direction, but still in a dogfight with the Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, and Houston Rockets. These are the only teams out West that aren't either a) in the playoffs, or b) eliminated. And as we've understood for a long while, there are five teams going for four spots. There were a LOT of games last night, and lots to go over.

So let's check out what happened while you were sleeping!

2015 2016 WYWS - April 04 04 2016

The Good:

  • [1] Golden State Warriors beat the [6] Portland Trail Blazers -- so there's still a chance for the Jazz to pass them.
  • The Orlando Magic beat the [5] Memphis Grizzlies -- Now they have lost six games in a row, man. That's rough. It's likely that the Jazz could pass them.
  • [8] Utah Jazz beat the [14] Phoenix Suns -- It's important that Utah didn't fall in what could have been their 3rd trap game in a row. It's one thing to get up for the big games. It's another thing to take care of the bad teams. Keep it up, Jazz.

The Bad:

The "Meh":

The Chase:

We have Portland right on the heels of Memphis right now, and we expect the Blazers to pass them this week. The other chase is for #7 and #8, and 1.0 game separates three teams. Fun, right? Let me vomit out of nervousness again.

Tonight's Games:

There were no NBA games tonight, but there was a doozy out in the NCAAs. So, fun, I guess, if you enjoy the crying Jordan meme. I do. So hooray for me!