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NBA Playoffs 2016: Standings update -- While you were sleeping April 5th

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Your daily playoff round-up is back!

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There were no NBA games last night, but a pretty exciting one in the NCAAs. But now the kids are put to bed and it's time for the men to get back to work. (Or non-gender binary fluid basketballers or whatever. I'm not trying to trigger you.) There are 11 games tonight, meaning 22 teams are playing, many of them in the West. Everyone is still looking up to the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs -- but it's getting kinda tanky at the bottom with a number of teams pulling all stops to lose as much as possible. In the middle we have the battle that matters between five teams and four spots. So to preview tonight let's get to it.

Western Conference Cheat Sheet:

2015 2016 WYWS - April 04 05 2016

The Good:

  • [2] Villanova beat [1] North Carolina -- eat it, Michael Jordan

The Bad:

  • Nothing

The "Meh":

  • Nothing

The Chase:

Taking up from yesterday, there are really only chases happening. There's the Portland Trail Blazers, now only 0.5 games behind the Memphis Grizzlies, poised to take control of the #5 seed, with a likely first round match-up against the [4] Los Angeles Clippers. The second, larger, chase is between the [7] Dallas Mavericks, [8] Utah Jazz, and [9] Houston Rockets. There's only 1.0 games between the group.

And that chase / race is going to go down to the final day of the season.

Tonight's Games:

  • [1] Golden State Warriors host the [13] Minnesota Timberwolves -- the Warriors are four wins from history, with five games to play.
  • [2] San Antonio Spurs visit the [8] Utah Jazz -- this will be an indication of WHY most of us would rather face the Dubs than the Spurs
  • [3] Oklahoma City Thunder visit the [10] Denver Nuggets -- OKC isn't out of the woods yet and could be caught by the Clippers, one more win locks them into #3
  • [4] Los Angeles Clippers host the [15] Los Angeles Lakers -- So OKC has to win tonight
  • [5] Memphis Grizzlies host the Chicago Bulls -- Chitown is charging right now, and Memphis needs every possible win
  • [6] Portland Trail Blazers visit the [11] Sacramento Kings -- hey DeMarcus Cousins, do us a favor and play well, okay?
  • [12] New Orleans Pelicans visit the Philadelphia 76ers -- Will anyone watch this game?
  • [14] Phoenix Suns visit the Atlanta Hawks -- ditto?

Utah can't rely on Houston or Dallas screwing up on any night, and tonight neither of them can as they are both idle. It's on the Jazz to make it on their own. Though, a loss tonight keeps them at #8 . . . for now.