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Utah Jazz to unveil new logos tomorrow

Jazz new primary and secondary logos LEAKED!

Paul Lukas

The Utah Jazz, we suspected, were going to unveil their new logo before the NBA Draft Lottery, which is in a week. As per Paul Lukas of UniWatch (ESPN) they are going to do it tomorrow:

These are simple and use the same font as the Salt Lake City Stars NBADL team, and they really aren't revolutionary. But there's more to it than that, like which brands (Nike or Adidas) are working on them, or what other marketing decisions are being made down the line. It's possible for the Jazz to further tweak stuff down the line . . . but as for 2016-2017 -- we're not going to be reinventing the wheel.


We haven't seen the uniforms yet, and of course, hopefully there's some sort of alternate this year too. For more on that, Basketball John reminds us that . . .

Personally, I would like to see a return to the color scheme I grew up with, but it's fine for the Jazz to continue with a more Utah and less Mardi Gras identity.