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Utah Jazz reveal new uniforms

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz

Wow.  The Jazz drop this bomb on us this morning.

Fist thoughts:

1. New home uni - Love it.  The new secondary logo is on the shorts now front and center. I like the new trim on the sides as well.

2. New road uni - Love it.  Same as the home uni.  I was holding out for purple, but the new trim is fantastic. I didn't like the white trim around the arm holes of the previous ones.

3. Green alternate - I loved the previous greens. I know some didn't, but this is a great look.

4. Sleeved jerseys - Confession time.  I've come around on sleeved jerseys.  I should say, I don't abhor them anymore.  This one looks great and really resembles a soccer kit more than a basketball uniform.  I suspect many won't like this, but it's a great look for a sleeved jersey.

What great way to kick off the off-season.


New court

Utah Jazz

New logos

Utah Jazz