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The Downbeat #1907: The Rudy, Nike, and Jazz Workouts Edition

Welcome to your Friday Downbeat!

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The Jazz haven't played for three weeks and two days. 23 days. It seems longer than that. Yay for Dennis Lindsey doing his due diligence with his hundreds of workouts, but it's very hard for me to get excited about said workouts. I am glad others do get excited, so you will have coverage of the workouts at this site.

Mike Sorenson of the Deseret News covered yesterday's workout. Here is what Ryan Anderson had to say about the workout

"It’s a long process and I’m just trying to get better in these workouts,’’ Anderson said. "I’m trying show my ability to rebound, play with a high motor, play well defensively and just try to come out here and show I’m a high-character guy."

Thomas Walkup of Stephen F. Austin said this:

"It was great, I got a lot of shots up and it was very competitive," he said. "Every team wants to know if my 3-point shooting has improved, which is a big thing in the pro game. My competitiveness and my grit is something I can bring to every workout."

Walt Perrin of the Jazz announced they won't be doing anymore workouts until after the NBA Combine in Chicago. The Combine is from May 11-15.

A few Jazz players made it to the workouts.

Two Jazz players were in the gym Thursday, although they weren’t allowed to participate against the players in workouts. Gordon Hayward was working on his own game in preparation for the upcoming Olympic workouts and Trevor Booker was on hand to watch fellow Clemson player Blossomgame.

Bobby Marks of the Vertical has been writing articles featuring what every team will look to do during the off season. I usually really like reading what Marks has to say. He is a professional, a former front office executive with the Nets. He knows his stuff. I usually feel like I am truly getting an insider experience. This article however, could have been written from a fan, except for the salary information, that was insightful. Marks talks briefly about Hayward's situation. He mentions that the Jazz were close to making the playoffs, and how they should learn from their late season losses to the Clippers and the Mavs. He mentions that we shouldn't look for Exum to be our savior. But that we should stand pat with the point guards we have... (okay?). Gobert can be extended this summer but he doesn't know if the Jazz will do it quite yet. Lastly he says our biggest need is just more stability and development, and this:

the Jazz’s biggest needs are an athletic wing and center off the bench.

Here is a link to the article. Go read it and tell me if I missed anything super interesting.

Ever wonder what NBA team you were most like? Take this quiz from Kevin Aronvitz.  I didn't like the questions but whatever it's just a fun quiz. I got the Miami Heat. (I think because of one specific question that I answered in a certain way). Lou got the Houston Rockets. He's lucky I didn't divorce him on the spot. (I kid, I kid).

And here's Rudy

And here is a question from Kris. I didn't see anyone on Twitter answer him, so maybe someone here can.


This has nothing to do with the Jazz but I wrote a recap/review of the David Gilmour concert Lou and I went to in Chicago. It was "published" on a prominent Pink Floyd site. (Brain Damage- It is the first thing I have ever written pubicly that's not about the Jazz. Anyways here is a link for the few Pink Floyd/Jazz fans like me :)