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Quin Snyder Extended! Downbeat #1908

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back from Mother's Day weekend, everyone!

Over the weekend, it was announced that Quin Snyder had his contract extended to be the Utah Jazz's head coach through the 2020-2021 season. SLCDunk guru Basketball John has got you covered in the breaking news here: Utah Jazz announce extension for Coach Quin Snyder

It is refreshing to see the Jazz continue their culture of stability and identity building that is becoming more of an endangered species in this generation's NBA. I am also glad that the fanbase is no longer in the trying situation of counting down the days until a clearly subpar head coach's contract expires.

I have hope that Quin has got what it takes, now for us to upgrade our depth, hope for more of our core to make a jump (looking at you, Exum), and pray the basketball gods of good health bless us in the near future.

A highlight video of Utah Jazz bench celebrations?

A highlight video of Utah Jazz bench celebrations indeed!

Loving the chemistry and personalities on this team!

One of the awesome Aussies on the team, Joe Ingles, was interviewed recently in a refreshingly genuine piece by Australian news outlet The Age here: Utah Jazz swingman Joe Ingles on the NBA, twins and the Rio Olympics

One of my favorite excerpts from Joe regarding being the oldest on the team:

I don't think my age was anything. I think once the guys saw what I could do and the role I play, then they respected me. When I first got there none of them knew who I was or what I had done in the game but I was pretty vocal and I think they respected my IQ for the game. I was there trying to win games and I think on an old team or a young team you can gain that respect by just doing what you do.

To continue the momentum regarding our international players, looks like many of the French NBA players including our very own Rudy Gobert will be sitting out the Olympic qualifying tournament.


While I do like seeing our players dominate the international circuit (remember the years of Kirilenko dominating the Euro-scene? good times), I am not against our players sitting out non-Utah-Jazz competitions. We really need to have a team that can stay healthy one of these seasons, or our window of opportunity to be a contender will diminish even further.

If you forgot to wish your mother a happy mother's day, here's my belated reminder to you with a picture Gobert posted yesterday:

A photo posted by Rudy Gobert (@rudygobert27) on

Have a great week everyone!