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Utah Jazz: No NBA Draft Party This Year

Utah Jazz will not plan an NBA Draft viewing party this year due to a scheduling conflict.

Party gone, Wayne.  Party gone, Garth.
Party gone, Wayne. Party gone, Garth.
Via Brian Wolfer - Standard Examiner

One of the hallmarks of being a Utah Jazz fan is inevitably booing a young man who is merely pursuing his dream of playing in the NBA.  Unfortunately for Jazz fans this annual tradition must take a one year sabbatical.

There was rumors of this yesterday.  Utah Jazz beat writers, Andy Larsen and Jody Genessy, had tweeted about it.

Utah Jazz fans seem to be taking the news in stride.  By stride, I mean self-deprecating humor.

I must say I'm disappointed.  I had just moved back to the West from Indiana. I'm driving distance to Salt Lake City again.  I was planning on attending the NBA Draft party.  I WROTE AN ARTICLE ON THE NBA DRAFT PARTY.  Now how are we supposed to Utah Jazz fan again Utah, huh?

I understand there will be scheduling conflicts, but it seems disingenuous to request tax incentives for the Miller's privately owned arena from the community then only a few days afterward to cancel one of the hallmarks of the Utah Jazz's team's community involvement.  While the even going on at Vivint on the NBA Draft Day is probably bringing in revenue on that day and a draft party would be all cost, this is annual marketing event that is very successful.  It's an opportunity to sell fans on the next season.  It's an opportunity to sell merchandise.  It's an opportunity to be part of the community.

Utah Jazz fans will get an opportunity to join together for NBA Summer League but it's not the same thing.  This event is a goodwill gesture for Utah Jazz fans.  They supported this team through a disappointing year where expectations were not met due to injuries and youth.  They supported that team and for the most part was understanding.I was understanding.  I defended the choices management made.

Now Utah Jazz fans aren't entitled a Draft Party nor should they be.  But to allow a scheduling conflict to occur at Vivint shows that someone doesn't know how much this event means to the fans, and how it means even more to them during a disappointing season.  This isn't going to cause anybody to not watch the Utah Jazz, but this certainly doesn't win any PR points for the Utah Jazz.  Most teams don't do yearly draft parties, but usually the Utah Jazz are not like most teams.  This year they are, and that's disappointing.