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The Downbeat #1933: The NBA Finals and Jerry Sloan Edition

Welcome to your Friday Downbeat!

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As Mylo posted yesterday, there will not be a Utah Jazz draft party next week. They got bumped for Young Essential Oils (so many eyerolls, and jokes about Utah MLMs right now) (Thanks to our friend, Jody Genessy for getting the Young Essential Oils scoop).

Mylo talked about the importance of the draft party in the Jazz community. It means a lot to fans to gather together to watch the draft and see who will be the newest member of their team. I know that when we lived in Utah, I really enjoyed going to the draft parties. I mean it sounds lame, watching the draft on the big screen when you can do it in the comfort of your own home, but it's really not. It's quite fun to watch with other fans, plus the Jazz always have other things going on during the event. I'm disappointed that the Jazz didn't come first with scheduling at the Aunt Viv. Seriously who forgot or didn't care that the draft is the fourth thursday of June? I mean we can't reschedule the draft but maybe Young Essential Oils could have changed the date of their event.

This cracked me up. So maybe those fans in Utah can meet at an RC Willey's and get free hot dogs and watch the draft on one of their TVs.

The NBA Finals will be seeing a game 7! Game 6 was quite eventful.

Most people don't think Curry will be suspended then again...


Should Curry be suspended?

Ken Berger thinks he won't even taking into consideration Haslem's siutation

Sorry but how is hitting a ref any different or worse than hitting a fan?

Curry's wife was pretty active herself last night

curry's wife

To end on a Jazz related note. Jerry Sloan was recognized recently during the finals. He received the Chuck Daley Lifetime Achievement Award. I watched the entire presser, it was good. Jerry did so well, and Rick had amazingly nice things to say about him. Moni has the highlights at her blog.

Jerry Sloan: I’m not one that like to be in the [limelight] of what goes on in this business sometimes, but I’m really honored by the fact that I would be thought of at this stage of my life, to receive an award. I always thought awards should go to the team and not to me…The MVP award, it should be the people that go play and do the hard work. Assistant coaches, I think, deserve to be recognized m–as much or more than the head coaches. The head coaches get to be talked to every day. I want to thank the Coaches Association for having me here, and I’m very fortunate that Tammy could be with me

Rick Carlisle mentioned Mark Jackson (he was in the audience) it made me sick that he would be mentitoned during Jerry's spotlight, of course Moni covered that too

Ugh. How does Carlisle not know? And then the camera had to go and pan to Jackass sitting there like a lumpy, cancerous potato,** no doubt wondering why the selection committee didn’t choose him for the award.


Apologies to potatoes. And lumps.

Go Jerry! Go Jazz!