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Utah Jazz Have Addiction to Draft Workouts- Downbeat #1929

Gobert doesn't even have to try against scrub teams like the Cavs
Gobert doesn't even have to try against scrub teams like the Cavs
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Finals are underway, and so far it's not even close....
Get ready for draft workouts, a John Stockton mention and highlights galore in today's downbeat!

The Warriors are up 2-0 in the NBA Finals against the Cavaliers in what has been a disappointingly uncompetitive series so far.

Rudy Gobert sums up NBA fans' general opinion on the series succinctly:

In the spirit of bashing a team that's better than ours because it's just too easy, enjoy some highlights from one of my favorite games of the past season:

The Jazz continue to hold an absurd amount of workouts in doing their due diligence for a purpose that I can only imagine being for trying to find good fits for either our team's and D-League team's culture in the near or distant future.

The Salt Lake Tribune's Aaron Falk reports with some news for all hardcore John Stockton fans (aka 99% of the Utah Jazz fanbase)

Gonzaga's Kyle Wiltjer, who worked out with the Jazz on Saturday had this to say about the Jazz all-time great regarding some pickup games he would have with him around a year ago:

"He could still bring it," Wiltjer said. "If it's game point, he's going to foul you, whatever it takes. He's a competitor. It's really cool to see that. It's what made him so special. He's one of the all-time greats. It's really cool to have been able to learn from of the best players to ever play the game."

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Personally, I would love it if the Jazz could convince Stockton to help out some of our point guards this summer, it couldn't hurt.

The Jazz have some salivation-inducing options available at the 12th spot in this year's draft. Another person's name I've seen popping up in mock drafts at this position is Kentucky freshman Skal Labissiere.

Here's him going against the projected #1 pick Ben Simmons'

He's a 7 footer who can shoot with boom or bust potential. He was tucked away in Kentucky's deep roster (not unlike how Trey Lyles was the year before), but he still has a good shot at being a lottery pick due to his rare combination of skills and measurables.

What do y'all think?