Quin Snyder needs more lineup experiments!!!

My favorite part of playing NBA 2k when I was younger was experimenting with lineups. I would start two centers in some games or go as small as possible. I loved to see what would happen. Messing around with the Jazz on 2k this summer has given me two possible lineups that could find some merit. My favorite was the lineup of Hood, Hayward, Lyles (at the 3), Favors and Gobert. I started to think that this could be a lineup that would actually work in the NBA.

First, Lyles played the 3 in college next to two centers in Cauley-Stein and Towns, and that team almost went undefeated (lost in a fluke game where they missed almost every open shot from beyond 10 feet.). He was fantastic at this role: he punished smaller players on the glass, owned the baseline out to the corner, and defended exceedingly well. Second, Favors and Gobert stay as one of the best duos in the league at PF-C. No need to elaborate here. Lastly, Hayward can slide down and be a point-forward at the 2 and you can slot in whichever shooter you want at the 1. Hayward is versatile enough to guard smaller players and having a shooter at the 1 gives you more space to operate.

I think this may be a lineup that mimics what OKC kinda did to beat the spurs and almost beat the Warriors but with more size/defense and less offensive potential. You have to match it to guard it and would make going small against us out of the question. If Lyles develops and we have a legitimate threat from 3 in our guard spot, this could be a NBA-Finals caliber lineup in my opinion. In 2k, this lineup was pretty unstoppable and it won me most of the games I played.

The other lineup i tried was starting Exum, Hood, Hayward, Lyles, and Gobert and having a second unit of Hill, Burks, Ingles, Favors and one starter among Burks, Hayward, and sometimes Lyles. I still played Favors 30 minutes, but he came off the bench and bullied the second units of the Spurs, Cavs and Clippers. This one is less reasonable and just something that just happened. But does it have any possibilities?

Side note: I used a different set of player ratings than 2k. They discriminate against the Jazz players actively, so I used a roster set-up that was the consensus #1 online. I first tried my lineup with default ratings and the game would go through stretches where Lyles was unable to make any jump shots!!! (Missing 3 15 footers and a corner 3 in a row!!!!) Also, it underrates Gordon and Gobert to the 2014 versions of themselves basically. If NBA live was any good, I would play it and never touch 2k again, but it is even worse with ratings and has less features.

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