Spurs Philosophy System Basics

Hey Everyone!

In honor of Tim Duncan retiring, I'd like to share a very insightful video about the Spurs philosophy that probably not many of you have watched. Since the Jazz are trying to emulate the Spurs system, just like the Spurs did with us, I think it's important to understand just exactly what the "Spurs philosophy" is. I feel like a lot of people throw the phrase around without fully understanding what it means. This video should give you a very good understanding.

The video is called "Spurs Philosophy System Basics- Gregg Popovich- Basketball Fundamentals" and will come up easily on youtube if you just type that into the search box. The video is about half an hour long, and is mostly Popovic talking about how they run their program. Sorry, there's something weird with my account and it won't let me post links, but it should be really easy to find.

Enjoy, and post your thoughts in the comments section!

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