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Happy Birthday Dante Exum!

Get out your fairy bread. (Look it up if you don't understand)

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Birthday to our very own Dante Exum! Dante is 21 years old today and the former teen selected #5 in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz is finally a man! Or something. Or at least old enough to go on a beer run in the USA. I can be certain that fellow countryman Joe Ingles is still going to treat him like a kid for the rest of his career, but some things just aren't meant to change. Dante hasn't had the biggest impact on the NBA since all the hype surrounding him pre-draft; but going into his second season (in his third year in the league) we all have high hopes for him. He's been pretty much "out of sight / out of mind" and the league has attached itself to other young point guards while ignoring the Aussie.

I think Dante has a chance to make people remember him, though it remains to be seen where he will get the most minutes this year, at point guard (with George Hill, Shelvin Mack, and Raul Neto also there), or at shooting guard (with Rodney Hood, Alec Burks, and possibly Joe Johnson). Whatever Quin Snyder decides to do I hope the end result is at least 2,000 minutes on those very young, fawn-like legs.

I kind of wish we had more recent footage of him to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Dante! I know you're not playing in Las Vegas right now or with Team Australia. I hope to see you play again as soon as possible though.

Oh, and now that you're 21, don't pick up any bad habits . . . . Utah Jazz fans have very conservative opinions on player decorum and morality!