Derrick, do us all a favor, and shoot more.

Derrick Favors has been with the jazz for six seasons, since being brought in via the Deron Williams trade during the 10-11 season. He has been in the league 7 years, yet is at the semi tender age of 24!!! That is ridiculous to me. So much experience and youth mixed together.

I'm a huge fan of Derrick's game. His power, size, and agility at the 4 spot is truly unique. Especially considering the small ball craze or point five philosophy spreading around the league. His power and brute force, along with his defensive abilities make him an upper echelon power forward.

He has been on a upward projectory since his inaugural season. Pts, rebounds, steals, whatever stat you want to analyze, Derrick has gotten marketability better at.

This upcoming season though, will determine so much for Derrick, believe it or not. People can sometimes dislike the mantra of a "make or break" year, especially from a 24 yr old big. But I think with his veteran status in this league and on this team all but solidified, it's time for Derrick to go to the next level.

This season, Derrick will have to be our most dependable scorer, with Hayward flanking him. He's got to be the one who carries the team, quarter after quarter, minute to minute. His confidence and aggressive cannot waver at any points. His defensive energy must be on the highest level possible. I'm not saying he hasnt been or shown these things, but Favors has to be the ring leader. His calm presence and demeanor, is a stark contrast to his power style. When he plays aggressive the rest of the team benefits the most.

Last season, Favors averaged 16.4 points in 32.0 minutes. He shot 51.5% from the field and a very solid 70.9% from the FT line. All great numbers for a young PF. But the time has come for Favors to put his stamp on the league and come from the shadows, and to the forefront and be recognized as a top talent, outside of the Utah faithful. He's 6'10 265, he is going to be one of the more physically imposing bigs in the league. In order to make teams pay for playing small, or inadequate post size and defense, Favors has to be aggressive, and the gaurd play has to put him in positions to score.

His passing must continue to improve, his range on his jumper has to continue to stretch, and playing the 5 in spot minutes can't kill the team.

The Utah faithful are counting on you Derrick. Like it or not, your the face of the franchise as well, no pressure.

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