Fantasy League

Is anyone on here interested in participating in a Fantasy Basketball league? I do not know how many of you have any experience playing fantasy sports, but I can tell you it sure is fun! It has given me a reason to watch and follow other teams, and I have noticed that I watch basketball, baseball and football differently since trying it out.

This league would be free/no cost or entry fee, for good old fashioned, clean fun, and of course bragging rights. I am just gauging participation right now. ESPN allows a maximum of 20 teams to participate - which would be a very deep league!

Let me know if you are interested! We can go over specifics of the league if we get enough participants. I welcome any feedback either in this post, or via email at or a DM @edemanuelson

I have created this league with some basic settings. Tell me if the link works, and join if you like. I am open to suggestions as far as scoring goes.

I believe you must contact me to be invited. My email address is above.

The link for the league is below. Right now it is set to 12 teams, including myself.

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