The Jazz are changing their tune at the perfect time.

It's the year 2016/2017 in respects to the basketball season. Lebron James has regained his title of best player, and broke the championship seal apparently holding Cleveland, OH sports hostage all while dethroning the two time MVP and first unanimous winner of that award Steph Curry, and his record breaking 73-9 Goldenstate Warriors who had the NBA buzzing all season long, the basketball world is at its Apex. With the cap space provided by the booming economic state and popularity of basketball. Parity will be at an all-time high.

This upcoming season will be the most fierce competition the league and it's teams, and coaching staffs will encounter. I think that statement could be made every year, but this years cast of teams will be a gauntlet of sorts. I could be wrong in my assessment but I can only count 2 teams in the West who without a shadow of a doubt that might be "tanking." Im not going to name those franchises( I'd rather you do that) but my point is that leaves 13 teams theoretically competing for a playoff spot when the season begins in the West, obviously things could change, and quickly. But I stand by my convictions.

The east on the other hand, notoriously the "weaker" conference. Has gotten stronger as well. The same number applies their as well. I only see two teams( again I'll let you assume) who are "tanking" outright. The others have either made off season signings to fortify their roster or already bringing back strong rosters that just needed to get healthy.

So what do I mean by the Jazz are changing the tune? Well first off, I want to say this. If you are a Jazz fan, you better stand up now and get on board, wipe the crust from your eyes and put on your best stuff lol. This season is going to be an absolute whirlwind! With parity at an all time high, and teams maneuvering like never before, The Utah Jazz will finally be in the middle of it all. With a roster I'd put up against any team on any given night, this season will be a blast. The NBA is at its apex. The jazz are changing their tune at the right time.

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