Jazz Salary Calculator (Google Sheets)

For anyone trying to project the Jazz salary situation in a couple of years, I made a simple calculator on Google Sheets. It includes team options, renegotiate and extend scenarios, and free agency/rookie extensions.

Just a few assumptions:

1. Hayward opts out next season.
2. Guys on rookie contracts with existing team options (Exum, Hood, Lyles) get guaranteed.
3. Cap holds are neglected.

LINK: Jazz Salary Calculator


Hill R+E, Favors R+E, Hayward 3yrext

Few takeaways:

1. I've done numerous iterations and it seems like we'll struggle not to cross the tax threshold in three years. Next season is easy as we can trade away any of Burks, JJohnson, or Diaw to free up some room; or waive Diaw's non-guaranteed, then sign guys at the minimum or get 2nd rounders like Bolomboy to fill out the roster.

2. Though paying the tax will be inevitable, we're still good/sound financially. Lots of options to wiggle out of a bad cap situation with how the new signings (Hill, Diaw, Johnson) are structured. In my sample scenario, you can put a team option on Hill's last extension year and we'll only be a few million above the tax.

3. Hayward and Favors need to separate themselves from the rest of the pack in terms of play. Not only will this justify the jump in their next contracts, but will also create the idea that the next guys up for extensions will have to settle for much less dollars; i.e., if Hayward's play isn't that much better than Hood's, then Hood will have to get something close to how much Hayward is making. Same goes with Favors and Gobert.

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