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The Downbeat #1959: Where is the Jr. Jazz Road Trip Edition

Your Friday Downbeat!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz have had a busy summer. Making trades, signing a free agent, Utah Jazz SL, and Las Vegas SL. One thing I didn't even think about till I saw this tweet was the Jr. Jazz tour.

The Jr. Jazz is an important part of how the Jazz fit into the community. I love the work they do for the children. I hope Jody is right and that the tour will happen.

The Suns are playing two regular season games in Mexico.

Should the Jazz play in France? Australia? The Jazz back in the 90-91 season played in Tokyo

This time, it will be under much different circumstances. The Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns resume their rivalry when they open the NBA season, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 2 and 3. But instead of playing out their series in the western United States, it will be in Tokyo, in a precedent-setting affair.

The games, to be played at Tokyo's Metropolitan Gymnasium, will kick off the Jazz's 1990-91 schedule, announced Thursday. They will also mark the first time American professional sports teams have played regular-season games outside North America.The Nov. 2 game will be televised in the United States by TNT.

From everything I've read and I've heard the Jazz gained a lot of fans from the Tokyo games. Hopefully the Jazz will be chosen to play abroad again.

Karl Malone and John Stockton look so young! And just look at the gorgeous pick and roll on the first highlight!

Our friend, Coach Nick at Bball Breakdown did a podcast with Frank Layden! It is a must listen.

Moni is busy doing her transcriptions. This week she transcribed interviews from Dennis Lindsey. There is some great info so give it a read!

Just a snidbit of what Dennis thinks about the addition of the veterans and close games.

On whether the addition of veterans will help the team win more close games
We’re just hoping odds take care of that. Usually, if you play enough close games…it will get back to zero…

But I don’t think close games is our issue. I think we want to have more blowouts. I think if we do that, that will take care of the close-game dilemma and then maybe a few of those balls will go in late this coming season, that didn’t [last season]…

Those first 46 minutes are just as important, if you study it. And so, we want to be mindful of the whole season, the whole game in its entirety, just not what happened the last two minutes.

To end a little bit of humor from Boris Diaw

Who said there was no uber in philippines???? #tbtlastweek

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