'G-Time', a true journey of patience.

I know the title is pretty corny, at least I think it is, but that's how I feel the Jazz relationship is perceived, with regards to Gordon Hayward. Corny. If your not familiar with this term I can try to explain it. But I won't because I can't. This is a brief personal view, of one of the great players currently dawning a Jazz Jersey. One who I think is on the verge of a very interesting basketball projectory.

With the 9th pick in the 2010 NBA draft , the Utah Jazz select, forward, Gordon Hayward from the university of Butler.

This had the makings of typical jazz pick, whatever that means, to me. We're not going to recall every pick in Jazz history, but based on a few assumptions (which is never good to do by the way) I thought the Jazz made a "Jazzy" pick with Hayward. First, if we know anything about Gordons college credentials, he was phenomenal. His sophomore season at Butler was nothing short of magical. And on a side note, I don't think it's by coincidence, the head coach, pg, and best player of that team have all found varying success at the pro level. With that said, the Jazz were thinking FAR down the road with the Hayward pick. Typical Jazz. They had to make sure, both player and organization could communicate free and easy. Case and point the mid-summer meeting with Hayward and Utah management, supposedly ending in hugs? Lastly, the player had to be talented. Gordon checked all those boxes. With all being equally weighed, with that 9th pick. It's hard to get that exact blend correct, But as time has elapsed, the Jazz seem to be to something with 'G-TIME.'

I hear people say, this is a superstar driven league, or that, Gordon isn't a superstar.

I'd rather think in regards to tiers when regarding talent. For me personally, it's Lebron, then everyone else. Only Lebron can turn ANY team into a automatic championship contender. Regardless of coach, despite schemes, and whatever excuse or variables available. Long story short, Hayward is in no way shape or form Lebron James. But on a good night, and with continued improvements Hayward has shown in his game, he can potentially play to a draw, with other upper echelon players of the upper tiers on a consistent, repeatable level. The next step, is how can he outplay them? If you don't think Gordon has another level to his game, this is where we part ways. But since he's subjected to being affected by scheme, personnel and other factors, I still think he has another "uptick" coming. He's smack dab in the middle of his physical prime, not player prime. He still has substantial wiggle room to improve.

Improvements come in all shapes and sizes. Gordon Hayward isn't working from scratch here. We're talking about the captain of a team, that has increased its win total total by 15 games in just two seasons. He's playing impactful basketball. 25 wins in 2013-14 season to 40 in the 15-16 season. Again this is a player improving his team as a leader, not a role player, but the man. You best believe if the Jazz meet expectations, Hayward will be front and center, pertaining to his role in the success of a team that could win 47-52 games. That's cool stuff!

So when I mention his counting stats, 19.7pts 5.0rebs and 3.7 assist. They mean something. That stat line is sneeze away from being BIG time. But is already pretty solid, all things considered. The Jazz are giving Hayward the opportunity of a lifetime, being the face of a Franchise. But I will say, Hayward is keeping up, step by step, in regards of what those responsibilities are. Nobody can knock him for that.

That wins projections maybe too high or low for some, but that to me will be the indicator of his perceived worth in the offseason. I'm no cap expert, but I play one on T.V. lol, no seriously, I'm no cap expert but I still don't see how GS can have as all those guys and Utah struggle to keep their players. But that's another story and scenario that has been explained eloquently by fantastic writers here at SLC. My point is, Gordon is a "Max" player. Especially if this season plays out how it should, the pressure and expectations are at an all-time high. If this team makes to the other side,top 4 seed in West, 5th at lowest, 'G-Time' has earned every penny coming his way.

Thats the Corny part, or ironic factor. that I expect this to happen, the Jazz being led by their underrated home grown Star. I expect the Jazz to be a dominant team with Gordon Hayward at the forefront. I expect us to be lead by 'G-Time'. Typical Jazz

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