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The Downbeat #1961: Contract Favors Edition

How would the Utah Jazz extend Derrick Favors?

Utah Jazz v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Beat 1 AllThatAmar

As many of you have noticed the Downbeat look is in the midst of a change. Consider this a sort of improvement during the offseason. We’re not quite where we want to be for the downbeat structure but we’re getting close.

Eric Pincus at posted an article about how the Utah Jazz could theoretically give Derrick Favors an extension using the James Harden deal as a basis. One option really intrigues me and should intrigue you.

The following is the maximum restructured contract potentially available to Favors:

2016-17 — $22,116,750 (2016-17 bottom-tier maximum)

2017-18 — $23,896,756 ($11.1 million raise, plus 7.5 percent, in final year of original contract)

2018-19 — $25,689,013 (7.5 percent raise in first year of extension)

2019-20 — $27,615,689 (7.5 percent raise, based on first year of extension)

Total — $99,318,207

Extensions can also start at the maximum salary, but with a descending salary in subsequent seasons. The following is the minimum the Jazz can offer Favors, provided they start at the current season’s maximum:

2016-17 — $22,116,750 (2016-17 bottom-tier maximum)

2017-18 — $22,236,744 (7.5 percent decrease in final year of original contract)

2018-19 — $13,342,046 (40 percent maximum decrease in first year of extension)

2019-20 — $12,341,393 (7.5 percent decrease, based on first year of extension)

Total — $70,036,933

The second option he has outlined, a front loaded contract with a descending order, allows the Utah Jazz to maximize what is left of their cap space for this year while allowing them to re-sign the rest of their squad for subsequent seasons.

The question then becomes “Why would Derrick Favors want to do this?”

This is where one would hope that Dennis Lindsey’s goal of creating a culture around team and Utah has come to fruition. In the last scenario Derrick Favors is able to get his payday and allow the Utah Jazz wiggle room when they must inevitably re-sign Rodney Hood and Dante Exum and begin the difficult management of an expensive playoff team. Rudy Gobert’s absolute steal of a contract ends next year with a maximum extension all but a done deal. Gordon Hayward becomes a unrestricted free agent next year without the Utah Jazz being able to match any deal. The Utah Jazz will have to go big or go home to keep him.

The possibility exists that the Utah Jazz could go into the luxury tax next season. If Utah can re-sign Derrick (and possibly George Hill, too) to deals that are front loaded then decrease year over year, that could give them the breathing room they need after the 2017-2018 season to secure all their talent for the future.

Beat 2 AllThatAmar

That was last year’s model of Dante Exum’s exclusive shoe. With Dante Exum being injured all of last year I wonder if he’ll get another exclusive shoe. If we remember to earlier in the offseason, Andrew Wiggins did and this is what it looked like:

I know not a lot of people like it, but I absolutely love the shoe. I really wish I would have got a pair of Dante’s shoes because I don’t know the next time the Utah Jazz will have a signature shoe from Adidas, Under Armour, or Nike.

Beat 3 AllThatAmar

It is the offseason so most likely Gordon Hayward is playing twitch right now and promoting some gaming headset, right? Let’s take a look and see.


Beat 4 AllThatAmar

Meanwhile Boris Diaw and Rudy Gobert are ... um ... getting ready for the Olympics? ...

Beat 5 AllThatAmar

It’s truly the doldrums of July. It’s times like this that I truly miss a quality Andrei Kirilenko back tattoo or Fesenko randomness. Speaking of Fesenko ... what’s he up to?

Fesenko Facebook Profile

Thank you, Fesenko. You never disappoint.