Win Margain vs. Loss Margain.

So, I was cruising around I know the Jazz lost a lot of close games last year, so I got to thinking. What would the following number look like for each team: (Opp Pts in Games Lost - Pts in Games Lost)/(# of Games Lost). Some surprising results: the Warriors were quite bad, losing their 9 games by an average of 13.7 points. Meanwhile the best team was OKC with an average margin of 6.9. The Jazz had the 5th best average margin at 9.4, which could be good because they were in most games, but bad because they choked and lost a lot of Jazz in crunch time. So then, I decided to check the opposite equation: ( Pts in Games Won- Opp Pts in Games Won)/(# of Games Won). Once again the Jazz were Top 5 (4th, with an average margin of 13.5). The rest of the top 10 were strong playoff teams: 1. SAS 2. OKC 3. GSW 5. ATL 6. CLE 7. BOS. 8. CHO 9. LAC 10. POR So in other words, the top 10 teams in the league except Toronto and Miami. Hopefully Utah cleans up its end-of-game jitters and dominates.

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