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The Downbeat #1967: Diaw, France come back to beat Serbia

Basketball - Olympics: Day 1 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
Beat 1 AllThatAmar

It’s summer. It’s slow. But at least there’s the Olympics to get a preview of what one of our new Jazzmen is able to do. Boris Diaw has been a Swiss army knife built for Olympic play. Today was no exception as Boris Diaw almost got a Triple Double by totaling 11 points, 9 assists, and 9 rebounds in today’s CLOSE win over Serbia which France won 76-75.

Rudy Gobert also played great. While he was limited on offense he had a +16 +/- and had 3 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks.

Tony Parker put France ahead with 31 seconds left and France’s defense held onto the win.

Beat 2 AllThatAmar

It’s always amazing to see our Jazz players well represented in the community. Rodney Hood recently hosted a basketball camp in Mississippi. (Spelled that correctly first try)

Beat 3 AllThatAmar

He’s back.

Beat 4 AllThatAmar

This is why children were invented.

Beat 5 AllThatAmar

In also feel good news, the crew over at Salt City Hoops just added another writer. A very worthy twitterer / blogger was added over at SCH.

Much congratulations is in order. While we never like to see our fallen angel (Andy Larsen, may he rest in peace) take a talented writer, we are glad when great talent is added to the Jazz blogosphere. Merry writing, Spencer Wixom, and may we argue over irrelevant minutiae of the upcoming Jazz season over Twitter at some point this year.