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Make SLC Dunk Great Again!

Want to contribute? Sign up!

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Outside of building a wall that Denver Nuggets fans will pay for, it’s going to be up to us Utah Jazz fans to help make SLC Dunk Great Again! With so much of our staff needing to spend their time on more important things (family, marriage, kids, new job, moving, or all of the above) it’s clear that this old site needs some new blood. We need enthusiastic people to help carry the torch for us oldies who are geriatric dinosaurs at this point in the blogging game. (Some of us actually were writing online back during the end of the John Stockton and Karl Malone years, and man, the Byzantine system of publishing on the internet back then wasn’t pretty.)

And, I know. Yes. Many of you have expressed interest in joining the team over the years — and only a few made it through our internal review process. But, I hope you still want to throw your hat into the ring today. I am encouraged by the Off-season work put in by Dennis Lindsey and the rest of the Utah Jazz brass, and collectively we feel like we can make huge strides this off-season as well.

We’re looking for:

  • gunslingers like Joe Johnson (people who can get their shot up whenever asked)
  • people who can help address our pre-existing weaknesses, like what George Hill is going to do (Social Media, Multi-media, heck, humor writers)
  • glue guys and gals like Boris Diaw (can fill in wherever they are needed, talented, and willing to make plays)

It’s not just solid vets, but we’re open to work out, select, and develop young people as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a lotto pick like Trey Lyles or a very late 2nd rounder like Joel Bolomboy — you’ll get a chance to contribute!

Realistically, the goals I’ve set for this site are not being met by me and my failing health. We need people who want to write about the team we love, and give up some of their free time to help make this website great again. I don’t even need to bring up the point that countless people who start or continue their upward climb by writing for an SB Nation site end up going forward in their careers.

But I will.

People will see you and your work if you post it here. (Our growth is over a million more views than the year before for every year I’ve been here.) And if your work is good enough, you could be working for an NBA Team, a regional news outlet, or in a few cases, a national media juggernaut in a few months from now. (Not to name names, but two of those three things have happened to people writing for SLC Dunk. All three have happened to SB Nation writers over the last three years.)

If you are interested, or know someone who is -- tell them about us.

Sign up. Fill out the form. And let’s make SLC Dunk great again!

You don’t have to be a fan of Game of Thrones and Video Games and Memes, but it helps. But nothing matters more than being a Utah Jazz fan who wants to write about the team, and is willing to be a part of ours.