Utah Jazz "FanCast"

So I'll keep this short. I'm starting to learn how to use audio editing equipment (basically, a microphone, digital piano, and the "Audacity" open source audio editing program), and I thought it would be a good idea to get some practice with it through making a podcast or two. I may or may not post the finished product depending on whether I'm happy with how it turns out, but I was wondering about topics that you would be interested to hear discussed. News is kind of slow in the offseason, and we've basically hashed and rehashed every item of business from projections of team success, to discussing the Hayward situation, to birthdays, etc. Any ideas?

Here's a poll to help me narrow things down a bit. Feel free to put anything in the comments section. I may even make it a YouTube video, if you'd be more interested in watching random clips (maybe even Clash Royale footage), while the discussion is going in the background. I'm thinking no longer than 5-10 minute podcasts, because I know anything longer than that usually makes me personally less likely to devote time watching or listening to something.

I can't add two polls or I would. Second question is: what would you like to see visually if it were a YouTube video?

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