Can Rudy be an All-Star?

I was very impressed with Rudy Gobert in the latter half of the 2014-15 season. Most people were. He was clearly a top-level impact player and begged the question about future All-Star status. Last year was confounded by injuries, but even so, it seemed to me that he was not used regularly at the end of close games. His offense, and more specifically his free throw shooting, made him a serious liability down the stretch. I hope he improves, but unfortunately, his current shooting mechanics won’t support much of an improvement.

Although many players make the All-Star team with stats leaning heavily toward their dominant ability (e.g., passing, shooting, rebounding, etc), All-Stars are generally good at most aspects of the game before they get the call (or vote). Not to mention there is a heavy emphasis on points per game.

Does a player that doesn’t consistently play down the stretch deserve to be an All-Star?

And the larger question, if Rudy is on the bench at the end of close games, should we value him over players we trust when the game is on the line?


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