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The Downbeat #1989: NBA2K Edition

People complaining about being drafted by Utah in NBA2K is an annual NBA2K tradition.

Utah Jazz v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We’ve had a couple days off, just playing NBA2K getting things ready for the NBA season. Speaking of 2K launch day, it’s the day that countless numbers of people complain that they were drafted by the Utah Jazz in MyCareer. This year provided no exception to this annual tradition even though the Jazz are projected to be one of the best teams in the league.

Speaking of NBA2K, 2K has leveled up Rudy Gobert this year. First of all, Rudy Gobert salutes. YES, RUDY GOBERT SALUTES.


In addition to Rudy Gobert saluting, it appears that he got some other improvements. But I think NBA2K needs to scale it back a bit. It’s just getting unfair.

In all seriousness, Mark J. Wahlen got retweeted by Rudy Gobert, and Utah Jazz twitter went nuts. HE RETWEETED ONE OF HIS TWITTER ARMY.

In our season preview with Mike Prada and Ben, we talked a lot about the upside of the Utah Jazz, but that’s not what we’re discussing with Downbeat 3. We’re talking about how the breakout social media start this year is Joe Ingles. He’s a dark horse for sure, but he brings the heat when it’s necessary. Like this gem:

If you are not following Joe Ingles on twitter then what is wrong with you?

Let’s get a little serious here, with something brought forward with Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake Tribune. He brings up the scenario of a Utah Jazz player kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem similar to Kaepernick to bring attention to racial divide that is being seen in America right now. He says:

So, if a Jazz player decides to demonstrate his beliefs regarding social injustices or anything else he deems important in the United States, by choosing not to stand to "honor America," what happens next?

In a place such as Salt Lake City, the action-reaction would be fascinating and compelling to watch.

My opinion of this is a lot more in depth on this and I have a post coming soon on this topic because Monson’s post is more of a “what if” but does not address anything. Just a fun musing which he finds “fascinating and compelling” as if it were a circus and not a real discussion to be had. I find it a flippant muse if it can even called that.

At this end we’ll close on something absolutely awesome. Season Ticket holders this year got an awesome gift with their tickets:

That is a pretty awesome gift even if United 44 still exists. The Utah Jazz NBA court looks absolutely beautiful. I’m loving the return to Salt Palace roots with the Jazz ball at center court. This season is going to be amazing.