The Man, the myth, the legend; Alec Burks

Alec Burks, affectionately called Houdini at times, has pulled off one of his best tricks to date. Alec Burks has become a name, so small, only seen now on Jazz message boards alike. How sad. Such a talented and youthful player, robbed of the spotlight he's worked so hard for. This is simply a public service announcement, to remind Jazz fans he is so much more than a disappearing act. Alec is supremely talented, and a must have if this Jazz team wants to be successful.

3 reasons Alec Burks is a key player for the Jazz this season.

1) 6th man - Every team needs a 6th man. I consider this player to be an extension of the starting lineup. A player so talented( hopefully at scoring) that their impact is undeniable. A player so talented, that they probably could be the starter, but for the betterment of the team, a bench role is required. Burks can be this player, we still don't know how the backcourt rotation will play itself out. But Burks can be that talented stabilizing force that comes into a game and the team doesn't miss a beat.

2) Positional Versatility - The value of players who can gaurd multiple players is so valuable. I'd liken Burks potential defensively to that of Klay Thompson. Not necessarily in effectiveness, but rather function. It's extremely valuable to have a player who can gaurd both backcourt spots. Having the quickness and size needed to cover both players is helpful to team defense. How many, players could gaurd both Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan effectively for extended stretches? I'm not saying Burks woukd shut them down or anything, but these subtle defensive assignments and capabilities will come in handy for the Jazz next season. In addition to handling those two positions, it's not impossible to see him gaurd certain small forwards for small stretches, as well. These traits along with his offensive capabilities allow for a truly valuable wing player, capable of being plugged into multiple roles.

3) Experience/Chemistry - Alec Burks has been injured quite a bit, but he has been with the Jazz for pretty much half a decade now. He is comfortable and familiar with his surroundings. He's also played multiple games and seasons with alot of the core members on the team. This will allow him to integrate himself rather quickly, and the coaching staff already know his strengths. His absences and comebacks have often been referred to as free agent signings. While true, from a 'new player' dynamic, Alec Burks is already familiar with his current teammates, allowing him to be ready to go at the start of the season. This difference is significant, when considering how important it will be for the Jazz to get off to a fast start this season, while integrating other new players.

Don't let the Alec Burks hype train come to a complete stop. I beg of you. He brings so much more to the table then these three things, but you can see his two-way value. I've always thought the Triple Wing lineup consisting of; Alec Burks, Rodney Hood, and Gordon Hayward had the potential to be lethal. Those 3 paired with a point gaurd, say hill or exum, and a big like Gobert or Favors is a recipe for a high powered lineup. Be ready to be amazed, Houdini always has another trick up his sleeves lol.

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