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Utah Jazz: Vivint Smart Home Arena To Receive $125M Upgrade

The Utah Jazz released renderings and plans of the $125M renovation to the public.

via Vivint Smart Home Arena Renovation,

The Utah Jazz finally showed what $125M can do when you apply it to an existing arena. While other NBA teams have been pushing multi-million or even billion dollar arena projects, the Utah Jazz showed dedication to the house that Larry built and it looks like it will pay off.

The $125M renovation project will begin next offseason directly after the end of the 2016-2017 season. It’s going to be a quick remodel job considering there’s a good chance the Utah Jazz are going to be playing into June May.

The new upgrade will consist of:

  • Improved concession areas
  • A revamped lobby
  • A gorgeous redesigned locker room
  • An open level for the upper bowl so fans can watch the game while getting concessions.
  • Redesigned outside exterior and ticket center that is not located in the basement.
  • Solar roof

One thing absent from all the renderings is a focus around the Stockton & Malone statues. Will they get a different type of featuring? What happens with those?

Overall the renderings look beautiful and this whole redesign is beautiful and exciting. Check them out below! Pictures are courtesy of

The exterior of the building. There’s even a Jazz basketball imprinted on the grounds outside.
A closer view of the ticket center.
Plaza view from 300 North Temple
Inside the main entry with a good view of the new larger Utah Jazz Team Store.
Another view of the Team Store.
View from Level 6 with the proposed open concourse.
The New Utah Jazz locker room.
New Utah Jazz locker room.