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SLC Dunk is happy to announce promotion for new Associate Editor Mychal Lowman

Savvy? Maybe.

It is with great joy and gratefulness that I wish to announce our first (and not last) roster move as we continue to prep for the 2016-2017 Utah Jazz season. (AKA “Hayward’s crew.”) (AKA. “Quin Snyder’s deadman’s stare.”) (AKA. “All hands on Diaw’s coffee machine.”) (AKA. “Playoff Push for reals, this time”.) (AKA “Amar’s folly.”) With no objection from our group, and with the blessings from SB Nation we are adding My_Lo as the Associate Editor of SLC Dunk. I don’t know what Associate Editor actually means, but I cherish the thought of Mychal doing more work, and in return, I less.

Mychal Lowman has written for Salt City Hoops, The Utah Jazz Blog, and SLC Dunk over his internet blogging history. He has been credentialed by the NBA in 2013 and 2014, and was the first “Jazz” media member to interview Rudy Gobert. (There was some grim symmetry there as I was the first “Jazz” media member to inform him that he was traded to Utah, on draft night. Both times he was less than impressed by our questions.)

2013 NBA Draft

My_Lo should be known to all of us by now. He knows the LHM Group of Companies from the inside out. He was a manager of a few Fanzz stores. He has roguish good looks. And he’s a Utah Jazz fan. Also, occasionally, he writes everything from game coverage to editorials, and everything in-between. I could go on and on about what a great guy he is, and how passionate he is about the team. But I’ll just let him show it to you with how great a fit he is for this title and the added responsibilities that come with it.

As Mychal is the new Associate Editor I will be bestowing upon him a virtual heap of the day-to-day operations of this site as I clearly need as much help as possible. I will remain here until pushed out by popular opinion and/or non-violent coup.

So please welcome Mychal, and start sending him lots and lots of hate mail. Er, I mean, words of encouragement! Thank you for agreeing to help me out, My_Lo. I mean it.

[Correction: A previous version of this article had Mychal as a Regional Manager for FANZZ. He managed a few different locations but was never a Regional Manager.]