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All About the Bigs: Downbeat #1994

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Hope you brought a big appetite today, because this downbeat is focused on nothing but big men!

Beat 1

First off, Jeff Withey is feeling reminiscent of his arrival here just one year ago and looking at media day from last year:

With media day around the corner here's a picture from last years media day. #nba #utahjazz #24

A photo posted by Jeffree Withey (@jeffwithey) on

Hoping he gets a fair shot in backup center minutes and along with Diaw and Lyles be a formidable backup bigman for this year's legit Jazz squad.

Now, onto the reason why today's Downbeat is all about the bigs:

Beat 2

One of the all-time NBA greats Kevin Garnett officially retired over the weekend. First Duncan, and now Garnett, we lost 2 of the best big men of all time this offseason. I thoroughly enjoyed KG's Timberwolves days and I thought it was a shame that he wasn't able to bring the fellow small market team in Minnesota a championship in his time there.

Enjoy a throwback match-up between two of the best Power Forwards of all time!

Beat 3Nice to see our Jazz bigs give respect to KG's announcement. Personally, I would love to see any player on our team come out with half the fire that Garnett came out with every night.

Beat 4Watch out world! Boris Diaw has arrived!!!!

*drops mic*

Rev up those espresso machines!

Left without further comment: