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Joe Johnson is bringing “Depth, Leadership, Wisdom, and Wins” to the Utah Jazz

Also, he has a lot of shoes

The Utah Jazz got a 7 time All-Star in Free Agency this off-season in Joe Johnson. He has hit 7 game winners in the last decade, and many more clutch shots when the game distills to “make it or miss it” mode. His career as a clutch finisher is going to be important for the Jazz — a team that has struggled in closing out games last season. So what did he have to say to the Jazz fans on media day?

More seriously, he understands that he’s started a lot over his great career, but he’s not hung up on being a starter with the Jazz right now.

There was a big discussions about his shoe collection, but really, I’m not a sneaker-head so I’m not going to detail it. I’m interested in what he can bring to the team on the court. And he simply put it:

And that’s really what we want to see as fans.