The Jazz didn't choke in late game situations last year

I've battle within, like most, to make sense of what really happened last season. The way it ended left a bad stinch in the air. How could this happen, no playoffs again? To make matters worse, all these statistics like; Jazz having the 5th best point differential in the western conference, all these great lineup combinations, and towards the end of the season there were probability ratings all but ensuring a playoff birth. That obviously didn't happen.

I watched the last game of the season. I don't have league pass or anything but I catch the Jazz when I can, I listen to locked on podcast and all that good stuff. In that game, I realized two things.

1) Kobe is great, give him credit. 60 is no joke. Contrary to popular belief, the Jazz did TRY. But that's for my second point.

2) The Utah Jazz were a TIRED team, mentally and physically. They dealt with injuries and heavy minute loads all season long.

They could have checked out the playoff race way sooner. Like when they were 28-29 and barely hanging around. This team was resilient. The notion that they chocked, or that the Jazz are soft is just not accurate. I can't wait to see how we grind teams to dust next season.

A fully healthy Jazz team, with the new additions are a dangerous bunch. Do not be fooled. While we have received great off season grades, some look at this like a cried wolf to many times scenario. Not accurate. I'm defending the toughness of the Jazz. This team is ready to go.

I don't know about you guys but Hayward has been the model of this, his stream line personality on the court is endearing. Rudy and his shot blocking prowess is unbelievable. Favors is the middle line backer lol. Seriously, this team is gonna be physical. Great size on the interior, but just as important, on the perimeter. We're gonna smother teams with our waves of athletic length

The Jazz have always had this old school mantra about them, even in a modern era. Playing two traditional bigs is the most evident claim maybe. But pace and and more specifically, physicality with the Jerry Sloan era was present. Quin has embraced this concept I believe. This team was simply decimated by injuries last season. Nothing is missing mentality wise regarding this teams will to win, made confident by the leaders on the team. We're in for a special ride this year. A perfect storm is brewing.

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