It's Okay To Get Hyped About The Jazz!

With the Jazz getting as much hype as I can remember, I'm seeing a very troubling trend. Jazz fans are not happy about the exposure and hype they're getting...


Do you not all remember the times we had Corbin as our coach?

Remember Hayward getting benched for Josh Howard and having to listen to a certain radio broadcaster tell us why that was a great thing!?

Remember seeing Derrick sit on the bench while Jefferson soaked up ALL the minutes while continuing to be fat!?

Remember when we tanked and our coach decided that he didn't want to tank well and we got to watch our team lose draft position by winning against the Wolves the last game of the season!?

Remember when we didn't want our own team to win?!

Those were dark days, my friends, dark days. Which is why there is no reason for this NONSENSE of not rooting for our team.

The last two seasons have been amazing for the simple fact that we can root for our team to win. And now, after all the pain of development and tanking, we aren't going to be excited!? Even when the national blogosphere is rooting for us? THIS IS WHAT WE'VE ALWAYS WANTED!

"if you have no confidence in self you are twice defeated in the race of life" -Marcus Garvey

Guys, it's time to get pumped and excited. And if we lose, who cares? This is what we've always wanted, and to get to this point and then not puff out our chest, well, that would be a shame...

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