Know who your rooting for: Jazz footprints

The purpose of this fanpost will be in the eye of the beholder( that's you, hehe.)

There's so much going on in Jazz Nation, it can be overwhelming at times. So much is being discussed about the potential of this year's team. And for that very reason, I think it's imperative that we don't forget where we came from as a franchise. The Jazz are a very interesting team, in a very interesting market.

The jazz Began in New Orleans. The New Orleans Jazz makes alot more sense than Utah Jazz if you ask me. That's where it all began though. Humble beginnings to say the least, especially when you consider when the team moved to Utah in the beginning of the 79-80 NBA season. The Jazz were the smallest market team at the time, having games in Vegas arenas to stir sales and excitement. It even kept the colors of Mardi gras, that same color scheme is still used to this very day. Talk about authenticity.

The Utah Jazz, on the court, are very unique. They are the only franchise to not have the distinction of losing 60 games in a season. Wow!! How cool is that. It's not a championship or anything, (pssst, we don't have one of those) but it speaks to me. It shows that we are a team full of fighters and high character, and we'll never give up. Look, as a jazz fan you've got to appreciate the nuances of the Franchise. The stuff under the surface is what makes us stand out.

Our first playoff appearance was is 1984. We made the playoffs every season after that all the way up to 2004. Talk about consistency, this team landed in Utah and almost immediately became a Dynasty. The pivotal part of this specific time is obviously buoyed by the arrival and presence of John Stockton and Karl Malone, can't forget about Jerry Sloan either. This team battled with some of the greatest teams of all-time, and lived to tell the tell. They faced MJ in the finals. "Froby" Bryant and Shaq. During a golden era of basketball, this Jazz team was in the thick of it. We never won a ring but, boy were we close.

I've always wondered why I looked at the Jazz as a competently run franchise. Well, how about this; since 1988 when the great Jerry Sloan took over, the Jazz have had only 3 head coaches. Ty Corbin (sorry, that was not a dream) and our current coach Quin Snyder. Some teams go through 3 coaches in one year. Let alone, that few over almost 30 years. That's attributed to management and ownership being lock step most of the time. Commendable, not easy to do.

Eight division tittles in total. The Jazz have 2 conference titles. Modest, but it's something. The Jazz still haven't signed a major free agent since 2004, Carlos Boozer. Forbes has the team as the 20th most valuable, further strengthening the smaller market mantra. Yup, that's our Jazz. This isn't a full history lesson on the team. Just a little more information on the team we root for.

I want the Jazz fans to stay grounded and appreciative on our ascension to the top of the basketball world. Ya can't know where ya going, unless you know where ya been.

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