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Utah Jazz owners to make announcement today . . . that you can watch live at 1:30

“That’s a lot of chairs.” - Basketball John

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have an announcement to make today, and the Miller Family have a press conference that you will be able to watch at their website. They’ve been great at streaming more and more things at so count me in as one of the ones who will be watching at 1:30 pm today.

The speculation here seems to be that they could be announcing something that needs a lot of chairs to announce. Perhaps that all future Jazz playing time will be divided up by how good a player is at musical chairs? Or perhaps they are going to announce something else, like a bunch of suits?


The Utah Jazz are rolling right now and have a game tonight. We’ll report on this event in this thread (and not make a new one to announce what it is, unless it’s really big).