Question I've been wondering about for a while....

Did the Downbeats die? I love our content...I love the consistent game previews, the Overtones, game recaps, the world famous game threads and of course all the data, research and analytics. But I fell in love with the site many, many years ago because of the Downbeats (when they were numbered 1, 2, 8, 4, and 5, because we all knew that 8>3. I miss that simple pleasure to find out what 5 tidbits, anecdotes, tweets, stat line, etc would fill the void between games, between seasons. I know that the staff works hard to bring us, quite arguably, the best SB Nation team site (even is we has horible gammar). I know that I'm jealous of the fact that they get to write about our beloved team...of course, I know that for all of my passion, and passable writing ability, I simply don't have the consistent amount of time to write dedicated Jazz pieces. I mean, it took my like 2 weeks just to get around to writing 1am CST!! But if the Downbeats are dead...I think we should have a funeral pyre or something, with like the Force Spirits of past writers standing next to each other while we look wistfully at them as the sound of original Ewok drums fills our ears and fireworks fills the night sky....or something of a similar nature. But if the Downbeats aren't dead...can we send out a search party? I'd gladly lend my services to search for the missing Downbeats. I have flashlights, provisions, a compass and a map of the lower Wasatch Range (hard to come by in the suburbs of Chicago).

In all seriousness...what happened to the Downbeats? Is there something us Dunkers can do to help?

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