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The Downbeat #2028: Alec Burks Return

Your Thursday Downbeat

Utah Jazz Media Scrimmage Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

The Jazz play today! They take on the Raptors (23-11). The Raptors are second in the East but lost their most recent game to the Spurs by 28 points, yikes. I can’t imagine that the Raptors lose too many games in a row and they will want to get on the right track after that stinker against the Spurs.

The last time the Jazz and the Raptors played. The Raptors used a very strong 4th quarter from Kyle Lowry to beat the Jazz at the Viv. Let’s hope we can pay them back by beating them in their house.

The Jazz are 22-14. They are currently sitting 5th in the West. They are just .5 game away from 4th (The Clippers play the Grizzlies tonight (Wednesday). So when you are reading this either we will have fallen a full game behind the Clippers or will be tied with them. The 4th through the 7th seed in the West are so tight. Every game counts.

Alec Burks is back from injury. He played just 3 minutes against the Nets and not at all against the Celtics. We need him to be healthy to make noise in the playoffs. (We also need Hill healthy and Favors healthy... sigh). I am so happy that Favors and Burks are back though. Favors looks better every game and Burks will be there soon.

The Tribune published an article about Burks recovery and return.

Quin Snyder on Alec:

"You obviously have some compassion for the situation," Jazz head coach Quin Snyder said. "But as much as I want to play Alec and let him play his way through his return, it's going to be a long process. We have a lot of options on the wing. And Alec knows that and he's great about that."

You feel bad for Alec. He has gone through so much with the Jazz. Was such a professional during the Ty years (Remember this gem from Moni) and now finally has the coach he needs and he has been injured.

Alec has so much he can bring to this team. Depth is never a bad thing.

Burks has a role to play for the Jazz when healthy. At 100 percent, he's arguably Utah's best player in transition, and its most dynamic athlete. He's one of the better rebounding guards in the NBA and one of the better guards in the league at getting to the free-throw line. Those are all attributes the Jazz can use — even with the depth it possesses.

So let’s hope...

From Jazzfanatical

So lots of Jazz fans are afraid that Hayward will leave the Jazz to return to his college coach Brad Stevens.

If Celtic fans have any say that won’t be the case, from Moni’s wonderful blog again:

Good let’s keep Hayward for ourselves :)

Are you doing your All-Star voting?

Get it done!