What is the possibility that the Jazz could sign or trade for an "all-star" player?

Several Jazz fans have repeatedly voiced the opinion that the Jazz will never have a chance of winning the NBA title without an "all-star" player.

The problem with procuring an all-star player is that not too many teams foolishly trade away all-stars or potential all-stars, without getting similar value in return--like OKC did with James Harden a few years ago.

In addition, not too many all-stars sign with different teams in free agency, such as LeBron James did a couple of years ago and Kevin Durant did last summer. And, even if an all-star decides to switch teams in free agency, the Utah Jazz is usually not a preferred free agent destination.

Finally, the most likely way for a small market team to get an all-star is through the NBA draft--but at this point in time, the Jazz team is too good to "earn" picks in the lottery range of the NBA draft (and therefore, has less of a chance to select a future all-star in the draft without some unusually good luck).

To realistically assess whether the Jazz could potentially procure an all-star at this point in time, I looked through the rosters of all 30 NBA teams, and came up with a list of 60 current NBA stars or potential stars, as set forth below (in the order I would currently rank them, using my own arbitrary criteria, which includes how well I believe they would fit into the current Jazz team).

The Jazz may already have some all-stars or potential all-stars on its team, whereas on my list, the Jazz have players #16 (Rudy Gobert), #24 (Gordon Hayward), #42 (George Hill), #49 (Derrick Favors) and #50 (Trey Lyles).

Also, if the Jazz doesn't believe any of its current players are or will become all-stars, perhaps the Jazz could package some of its players (along with future draft picks, if necessary) for a player who the Jazz believe is an all-star or will become an all-star.

The star NBA players who may be available in free agency next summer (unless they don't opt out; unless they are traded away first to a team that would re-sign them; or unless they are given an extension or re-signed by their current team) are #5 Kevin Durant, #9 Stephen Curry, #10 Chris Paul, #19 Blake Griffin, #24 Gordon Hayward, #30 Kyle Lowry, #38 Paul Millsap, #40 Andre Iguodala, #42 George Hill, #52 Dwayne Wade, #53 Danilo Gallinari, #54 Otto Porter (restricted) and #55 Rudy Gay.

The star players who will not be free agents next summer, but who I believe may be available for the right trade pieces are #13 DeMarcus Cousins, #20 John Wall, #21 Paul George, #22 Carmelo Anthony, #39 Goran Dragic, #41 Kevin Love, #47 Jaylen Brown and #57 Brook Lopez.

Which star players on that list, if any, do you like better than our current Jazz players, and which of those players do you think the Jazz would have a realistic chance of signing in free agency or of obtaining in a trade?

Also, if the Jazz aren’t able to retain Gordon Hayward and/or George Hill (as the Jazz's own free agents), which free agents, if any, do you believe might be good replacements for them?

Current NBA Star Player List

1-LeBron James
2-Giannis Antetokounmpo
3-Russell Westbrook
4-James Harden
5-Kevin Durant (can opt out to be free agent)
6-Anthony Davis
7-Karl-Anthony Towns
8-Kawhi Leonard
9-Stephen Curry (free agent)
10-Chris Paul (can opt out to be free agent)
11-Damian Lillard
12-Klay Thompson
13-DeMarcus Cousins
14-Kristaps Porzingis
15-Kyrie Irving
16-Rudy Gobert
17-Joel Embiid
18-Jimmy Butler
19-Blake Griffin (can opt out to be free agent)
20-John Wall
21-Paul George
22-Carmelo Anthony
23-DeMar DeRozan
24-Gordon Hayward (can opt out to be free agent)
25-DeAndre Jordan
26-Myles Turner
27-Ben Simmons
28-Hassan Whiteside
29-Draymond Green
30-Kyle Lowry (free agent)
31-LaMarcus Aldridge
32-Marc Gasol
33-Andre Drummond
34-Andrew Wiggins
35-Zach LaVine
36-Al Horford
37-Isaiah Thomas
38-Paul Milsap (can opt out to be free agent)
39-Goran Dragic
40-Andre Iguodala (free agent)
41-Kevin Love
42-George Hill (free agent)
43-C.J. McCollum
44-Jabari Parker
45-Kemba Walker
46-Nikolas Batum
47-Jaylen Brown
48-Brandon Ingram
49-Derrick Favors (would be a lot higher on this list if not for recent injuries)
50-Trey Lyles
51-Marquese Chris
52-Dwayne Wade (can opt out to be free agent)
53-Danilo Gallinari (can opt out to be free agent)
54-Otto Porter, Jr. (restricted free agent)
55-Rudy Gay (can opt out to be free agent)
56-Devin Booker
57-Brook Lopez
58-D’Angelo Russell
59-Steven Adams
60-Tony Parker

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