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The Downbeat: Utah Jazz preseason ends with a bang!

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With an undefeated preseason, the Utah Jazz head into the season with confidence ... and Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz went undefeated this preseason! Let’s start this downbeat.

The preseason ended last night in glorious fashion with the Jazz of Utah getting the victory. Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were stupendous in dousing a talented Los Angeles Lakers team.

This vicious dunk from Rudy made my heart flutter. If you watch Mitchell, you can see the seismic vibrations knock him back.

There was a lot to like from this preseason and we have a week to analyze. Bring on the Denver Nuggets!

This rap about the Utah Jazz by mattafact is incredible. Give it a listen!

My favorite verse?

I would be remiss if I skipped the man

Who made a list of demands then bit the hand

It’s like ok fine go head and leave us for Stevens

But why waste all our time for a piece of meaningless reading?

LeBron had the Decision but Gordon’s was way worse

Pardon my language you looked like sort of an a-word

It happened and I never thought I’d forgive you

But I might forget you with a couple years of Donovan Mitchell

So many fire emojis with this one.

Every season it seems like something new and fun happens on Twitter. Whether it’s a funny player like Joe Ingles or Rudy Gobert sounding off, or something strange like Trey Burke talking about “east african women.”

This year I’m getting a kick out of Becky Lindsey getting on Twitter during Jazz games. Tonight she talked about her husband, Utah Jazz General Manager Dennis Lindsey, needing a twitter account.

If Dennis Lindsey really did get a Twitter account what should be his handle? I’m thinking @draftwizard or @capmastaD or something along those lines.

One of my favorite things about this team is how easy it is to root for our players.

Oh that’s just the time Joe Johnson crashed our family photo.

Finally, this collection of Jazz ticket stubs is incredible.

I don’t have anything near as impressive as this. What are your favorite pieces of Jazz memorabilia?