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The Downbeat: Derrick Favors is the longest tenured Jazzman

Derrick Favors has been in town a long time.

NBA: Preseason-Maccabi Haifa B.C. at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason basketball is over and everyone is getting pumped for the upcoming season. The hype train is real, especially around Donovan Mitchell. And to be honest, I think we’ll be hearing a lot about Donovan Mitchell for the next few months. The Jazz will be fighting for media coverage, and Rudy Gobert and Mitchell will be the only ones to provide that for the foreseeable future.

The Jazz have been sending out tweets with the hashtag #MeetTheJazz. Derrick Favors got his time and also got to show off his new distinction.

With the departure of Gordon Hayward, Favors has become the longest tenured player on the Jazz. He joined the Jazz way back in 2011, after being drafted by the Nets six picks before the Jazz selected Hayward in the 2010 draft.

Favors ranks ninth in the league in terms of time spent with a player’s current team. Dirk Nowitzki tops the list and Favors comes in right behind John Wall, who was selected two spots above Favors in the draft.

The next longest tenured Jazzman behind Favors? Alec Burks the only other member of the “Core Four” left on the Jazz.

Unfortunately for Torian Graham, he is not going to come close to being the longest tenured Jazz player.

It’s always hard to think about what it’s like for these guys to deal with being cut. But that’s the reality of professional sports. And more cuts are coming .

In other news, everyone still loves Donovan Mitchell. The Salt Lake Tribune’s Gordon Monson wrote an article that is very well summed up by its title:

Let’s just say it — The Jazz have a star in Donovan Mitchell

It’s nothing new. The hype around Mitchell has been growing since he first wowed at the summer league. But Monson’s confidence (or arrogance?) in Mitchell is about as hardcore as I’ve seen or read yet.

“Yeah, Donovan Mitchell is going to be a star.

“Don’t doubt it. Relish it. Embrace it.

“The sooner everybody realizes it, and takes advantage of it, the quicker his ascent will be.”

Seriously, no one can stop talking about Donovan Mitchell. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. Even Quin Snyder is acknowledging the potential Mitchell is showing. He did so when he joined on 1280 The Zone yesterday.

Every Jazz fan needs to knock on wood every day for the next week to make sure we’re not jinxing a promising talent.

We’ve officially crossed the one-week-til-tip-off mark.

Soon we’ll be counting down the hours instead of the days.