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Report: Gordon Hayward suffers ankle injury in Boston debut

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Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome ankle injury.

Gordon Hayward in his Boston Celtics debut suffered a terrible ankle injury. We’re not going to show the replay here—because we have a heart—but it’s pretty terrible. It happened in the opening minutes of the Celtic’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Shortly after the injury, Gordon Hayward was carted off the court on a stretcher, and believe us when we say it was gruesome. You can go searching for the image if you want, but we wouldn’t recommend it. This is Paul George-level injury.

These are the moments you take off your fan cap and look at this like a normal human being. This is absolutely terrible. All of us here at SLC Dunk are wishing for your fast recovery. We wanted to be able to face off against you, Hayward, in March and win the proper way. We wanted to be able to razz you and have a good time. Ya know, basketball stuff. But none of that matters anymore. Hayward’s injury is the type of injury that makes you sick. It makes you want to find a Celtics fan and just give them a hug. Our prayers go out to you, Hayward, and your family.

For you Celtics fans, we’ve been there. We’ve been there with two Exum injuries, with Carlos Boozer injuries, with everyone on our damn team getting hurt last year. We’ve been there and believe us when we say, no fanbase deserves this. No player deserves this. Our prayers are with you, Hayward, and we hope for those Celtics fans out there that your team fights just as hard as Utah did last year for us. You guys deserve that. Maybe, just maybe, Hayward can be back by our matchup by March. We want to see Hayward in a jersey, not a suit and tie.