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The Downbeat: The New Look Utah Jazz

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The Utah Jazz are replacing Gordan Hayward by committee

NBA: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ringer recently released a piece on the Utah Jazz yesterday. Jonathan Tjarks did a great job looking at how the Jazz are surviving post Gordon Hayward.

This was my favorite segment from the piece:

Utah doesn’t have one guy who can fill Hayward’s shoes, so it’s replacing him with a committee. The Jazz have seven players averaging between eight and 12 shots per game. With the exception of Rubio and their big men, everyone in their rotation can shoot 3s. Rookie Donovan Mitchell is the only one with fewer than three seasons of experience. The rest are in the sweet spot when their knowledge and physical ability are roughly the same, and a group with that much collective speed and savvy can be better than the sum of its parts. The ball moves around the court and finds the open man. There isn’t one guy on the perimeter that defenses can key on. Utah had a different leading scorer in each of its first three games. Gobert scored 18 points in 35 minutes against the Nuggets. Rodney Hood scored 20 points in 24 minutes against the Wolves. Ingles scored 19 points in 27 minutes against the Thunder. When everything is clicking, the Jazz play beautiful basketball

The Jazz will struggle at times this season to score (like last night against the LA Clippers) but when things are clicking it’s fun to watch.

Dante Exum had his surgery and, unsurprisingly, it was successful.

Missing Dante this season hurts because it was going to be his chance to shine. And considering Donovan Mitchell spent all of camp and preseason playing with Dante as the backup point guard alongside him on the second unit, it’s safe to assume it’s affected Donovan as well.

Let’s all hope that Dante comes back 100% healthy and ready to blow by defenders again this season because the Jazz need it. The best will be when Rudy is being ganged up on late in the season like The Giant in WCW and Dante comes out like Sting to save the day.

Quin Snyder gave some insight to Kyle Good about the offense this year. In this clip he talks about how the offense was geared toward Ricky Rubio AND Dante Exum.

Rubio has been a weapon in transition and shown his value in his ability to push the ball to get baskets. It’s interesting hearing how that was a tactic that included Dante as well. With how good our second unit has been this year, it’ll be that much better when Exum returns.

Zach Lowe recently talked with Ben Falk a former VP of Basketball Strategy with the Sixers & Basketball Analytics Manager with the Blazers. Falk is releasing a new site called Cleaning the Glass. It’s an interesting listen and definitely worth checking out.

On the Utah Jazz page of Cleaning the Glass there are some fun and unique stats to mull over. Here is a snap shot of the “offensive overview” for the Jazz

Make sure and check out the site. It’s free until October 30th when it’s only available to paid subscribers.

Here is a concept of a possible community jersey from Reddit user ME_REDDITOR

What do you guys think? Could this be the Jersey we’re waiting for?