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The Downbeat: Turnovers, anyone?

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Jazz continue to struggle taking care of the ball, leading to another loss.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Your Utah Jazz are 2-3. They’ve shown signs of being a tough, respectable playoff team, and also shown those of a lottery squad. It’s too early in the season to to make any dramatic assumptions, but the last two games have shown some problematic flaws that the Jazz possess. Perhaps the most blatant flaw we’ve seen? Turnovers.

If the Utah Jazz have done one thing consistently this season, it is turning the ball over. They lead the NBA in total turnovers with 95, and turnover percentage at 19.5%. It’s been pretty ugly in the opening games for the Jazz.

The Jazz need to take better care of the ball, there’s not much more to it.

If you are feeling sad after the Jazz’s embarrassing loss to the Suns last night, here’s something pretty funny that might cheer you up. Former Jazz man Trevor Booker sneakily joined the Cleveland Cavaliers’ huddle last night, and the video is hilarious. My favorite part is Cavs coach Ty Lue’s double-take after he realizes something didn’t belong.

Something else to cheer you up; Rudy Gobert getting mid-range buckets (!!!) in last night’s game.

Rodney Hood signed a new shoe extension with Nike, which will complement his juicy contract that he will most-likely sign this coming offseason.

Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell has struggled early on this season, and he finds himself at the wrong end of most advanced stats diagrams circulating the NBA realm.

Mitchell is, well, a rookie and needs time to settle into his game and find a rhythm that works for him. Keep your head up and keep shooting that rock, Donovan.