Hi welcome to Arby's!! Week 2 & 1/2 Review

Everyone's thinking it

Everyone's thinking it, I'm just saying it: Turnovers.

That’s all you need to know about week 2. The Jazz didn't take care of the basketball. Highest TOV% and over 18 turnovers in each of the 3 games last week. Luckily, the Jazz pulled a 1-2 record for week 2 and there were some highlights. Also, they beat the Mavs last night and the R's caught fire from deep.

Spida-Mitchell- Donovan was especially awesome against the Lakers and had good moments in the Clippers game. When he makes the right reads and gets to the rim under control, he is electric! His shooting is finally starting to come together, mostly in the 4th quarter, and his defense is still superb. GGs Rook! He made a big play in the Mavericks game last night.

Stretch-Favs- Derrick finally hit a 3 against the Mavs after an 0-3 week last week. His shooting ability will make our starting unit a top 10 unit in the league and offense will benefit greatly. Favors looks complete this year and I think he is only going to get better as this team gels.

Ricky "leading the team in FGA' Rubio- Every NBA super fan will look at our FGAs and be both terrified and surprised. The Jazz also have the 8th best efg%. This is negated by the Turnover special going on but it's still good to note and hopefully sustainable. Rubio was hot from 3 last night and showed why he's the best spainish speaker in the NBA.

Mavs Review- The Mavs looked way better than they should be last night behind their plethora of point guards. Barea, Dennis Smith Jr, Devin Harris and Yogi Ferrell all lit the Jazz up (and flopped down to the floor) last night. They got many foul calls by being smart and playing angles. Luckily, Rudy decided to backpack the team til the 3rd quarter when Hood and Rubio started draining shots.

Referees this year- I know I'm a tad biased about officiating since I'm a Jazz fan, but games are being called different night to night and its a little frustrating to watch as someone who referees basketball.

Rudy has been on the receiving end of a lot of bad/no calls when he rolls. I love his toughness but he must start selling some of these calls better. Jordan and Lopez both held/bumped him as much as possible on his rolls to the rim on offense. On defense, players are holding him to prevent him swatting shots from the weakside. Last night against the Mavericks they were called correctly and Rudy got to the free throw line a lot.

Referees are letting guards be more hands on this year and turnovers are up around the league due to no calls on reach ins. Rubio ended up with an offensive foul last night when Barea came across his body to swipe at the ball causing Rubio to run into him. Barea didn't have a legal guarding position and he initiated the contact. It was a terrible call by the stripes and is a microcosm of the bad on ball officiating this year.

Mitchell has also been hosed on a couple blocking calls when he is in obvious legal guarding position. He has taken it in stride but the stripes need to realize he is that quick and not a rookie on the defensive end. You can see the positive effects of the veterans on him as the fouls have gone down and become more tolerable.

Week 3 Look Ahead

We have a tough slate with Portland on Wednesday night, Toronto on Friday and at Houston on Sunday. Last night got us above .500 and I would like to see the Jazz stay there. The Jazz should be rested and ready to go Wednesday and now is the time to start a hot streak. Hopefully the turnover problem will be fixed this week (they were better last night). How do y'all think the rest of the week will go?

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