2017-2018 Offseason. How do we go from good/average team to contender?

I like this current Jazz team, I like a lot of the players we have and enjoy watching them play, probably more than most seasons. But I think I have seen enough to know, this Jazz team isn't talented enough to be contenders. They may make the playoffs, they may not but I think the most interesting component of this season is evaluating who fits and who is expendable. Jazz have set themselves up fairly well for the future, but I am incredibly curious to see how Lindsay handles this next offseason and what moves the Jazz need to make in order to become a contender.

I think it is almost impossible for the Jazz to bring back Hood, Exum and Favors. Who stays and at what price? Even if we could bring back all 3 is that enough talent to compete and be an upper tier team in the Western Conference? I'd love to hear ideas on what your plan would be to take this team to the next level. Who do we draft? Who do we resign, who do we seek out in trades or outside free agency?

There are a lot of intelligent basketball fans on this site and living out of Utah I don't get the chance to discuss these topics with many people anymore and would love to get a discussion going.

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