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The Downbeat: The Utah Jazz are forging international relationships

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Playing the Sydney Kings and Maccabi Haifa will help the Utah Jazz in the future

NBA: Preseason-Sydney Kings at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Can you feel that? It’s the rush of excitement for a team that’s going to win more games than you thought. It’s time for your Wednesday downbeat!

The Utah Jazz will face the Israeli Basketball Club Maccabi Haifa tonight. I love the outreach from the Jazz to play with foreign teams. It creates goodwill between the Jazz and other clubs that could forge relationships that may prove fruitful in the future. Who knows what type of scouting opportunities may come from these relationships? Or maybe we can pick up a few more all star votes from Israeli and Australian fans who watch the game. Rudy Gobert deserves a playoff spot this year!

I really enjoyed this video from the Maccabi Haifa website about their visit to Salt Lake City to play the Jazz as part of a 3-team schedule they will play in the U.S.

A new season means new injury reports. Yay!?

It looks like Donovan Mitchell may not play tonight as he is listed as doubtful with “right hamstring tightness.”

This is likely precautionary. Donovan played with bounce in the opening game but if he did anything, it’s best to make sure he’s ready for the season rather than risk worsening something minor.

It looks like the NBA is changing it’s format for the NBA All-Star Game.

Long story short, it looks like there will be a pool of all stars that two captains will choose from. Immediately this has made the All-Star game much more interesting. Maybe not for the game per-se, but to see who gets to pick, who they pick and then who gets picked last.

Honestly, this has a chance to become petty fast. Who knows what strange tension this creates or maybe a player makes a strange pick that incites crazy theories of if that means a player will go somewhere else. Also, the teams will also be playing for charity.

The NBA is amazing!

Rudy absolutely abused the rim against the Sydney Kings but he handed an “L” to Enes Kanter on Twitter.

This is an important reminder that Rudy Gobert patrols the Twitterverse like he does the paint and will swoop in like a bird of prey at any given moment.

Finally, let’s hear it for Becky Lindsey, wife of Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey. She’s one of the unsung heroes of this team. I don’t know if you guys follow her but she absolutely has a heart of gold. Here she is visiting retired Utah Jazz great JP Gibson in the hospital.

She also does great things for player’s wives inviting them to parties and get togethers.

Game time!!

A post shared by Becky Lindsey (@becky6916) on

Mrs. Lindsey doesn’t HAVE to do these things but she does them anyway. And that’s why we should appreciate the Lindsey’s more than we do. They truly care about this team and its players. They want them to feel comfortable and at home. The Lindsey’s have made being a part of the Jazz more than just a player on a team, you’re a part of the family.

Thanks for all you do, Becky!