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Phoenix Suns vs Utah Jazz Recap: Jazz win but lose Exum to injury

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Jazz vs. Suns Recap: Exum’s injury woes continue

The Utah Jazz faced their first real NBA opponent this preseason, the Suns of Phoenix. The Jazz were their usual self through the First Quarter as Rudy was Gobert, Favors was powerful, and the backcourt was discombobulated. Then the subs came in and Exum immediately had his shoulder injured.

After Exum went down, the second quarter turned into an Alec Burks show!

The Jazz extended the league out to 20+ in the second quarter before letting the Suns back in the game in the 3rd quarter. With Exum out with injury, Rubio struggling to shoot, and Mitchell playing like a rookie, the Jazz were missing some backcourt zest. Phoenix shot themselves back into the game from 3 in the 3rd.

The Jazz subs managed to finally build up some space in the 4th with Bolomboy stepping up to play. Not the prettiest game, but I think the Jazz got a better sense of their bench.

Game Notes

Dante Exum is injured. We’ll find out the severity tomorrow, but the initial prognosis is looking like a dislocated left shoulder. It came on a reckless play by TJ Warren.

Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors led the starters in assists at 3 and 2, respectively. That’s a good thing, but also not a good thing. Rubio is looking like he has no confidence in his shot and his passes are not hitting his targets.

Alec Burks was probably the best player for the Jazz tonight. Efficient from the field, getting some rebounds, a couple steals, and an assist. Rodney Hood was also looking smooth tonight. Hood and Burks led the team in scoring.

Donovan Mitchell was looking very much like a rookie tonight. He couldn’t buy a bucket, was constantly off his assignment on defense, and was careless with the ball as well.

Special shout out to Bolomboy for his garbage time minutes. He won the game in crunch time for the Jazz with 12 points in 8 minutes.