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Rudy Gobert to miss 4-6 weeks due to bone bruise

Rudy Gobert will be sidelined until end of December.

NBA: Miami Heat at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz All-NBA center Rudy Gobert was injured by Dion Waters during their game against the Miami Heat this week. Here’s a replay of the injury for those that haven’t seen it yet:

He returned to finish the game and Utah appeared to dodge a bullet. Today, however, we got an update from Shams:

For a team that had a rough start to the season, this is terrible news. After losing Gordon Hayward in the offseason, now they’re losing Rudy in the regular season. His production will be difficult to replace. He is also pretty upset about it:

The reaction around the league has been tepid at best.

Fortunately, Derrick Favors played extremely well last night, and he will certainly be relied on in the next couple months. Everyone else will have to step up as well to try and fill the huge 7’1 void that Rudy’s injury leaves behind.