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SLC Punks Podcast: Reaction to the Rudy Gobert Injury

Where do the Utah Jazz go from here?

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On this episode of the SLC Punks Podcast we talk about the following issues facing the Utah Jazz after the Rudy Gobert injury...

  • With Rudy Gobert out for 4-6 weeks, what is the immediate impact?
  • Who will step up for the Jazz in the absence of three rotation players being out?
  • Why the offense will actually improve with this injury.
  • What type of lineups should Jazz fans expect and how will the defense be for the next month?
  • The schedule over the next month seemed like an easy stretch before, but now every game is tough. How do the Jazz overcome the injuries? Or will they not be able to?
  • Is tanking the right move for the Utah Jazz? Incentives are involved and so it might not be so easy.
  • What are the silver linings of the Gobert injury and what can Jazz fans be excited about?

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