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The Utah Jazz miss Joe Johnson ... badly

Joe Johnson was more valuable to the Jazz than we realized

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Utah Jazz Joe Johnson saw a specialist for his injured wrist and will be sidelined for at least two more weeks after “showing progress.”

The Utah Jazz have missed Joe Johnson’s production this season and this has arguably been the injury that has hurt the Jazz the most. During times last season when the Jazz offense would go stagnant, Joe Johnson would be subbed in and get a few buckets to stabilize the ship. This season, with Joe Johnson struggling at the beginning and being out with injury, the Jazz have missed his presence immensely.

Don’t forget it was Joe Johnson that showed up for the Jazz in the Clippers series hitting the game winner and not getting sick at a local sandwich shop. Get well, Joe!

John Cleese is a Jazz fan!

That’s it, the best victory of the season just happened. Just when you thought that the only person of note to love the Jazz was Ty Burrell, the holy grail of celebrity fans reveals himself. And in a season where Jazz fans will see a lot of losses, this is indeed a blessing...

This is also my new official reaction to anything good that happens to the Jazz now.

Drama is heightening with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This is obviously posturing from a “rival GM” but it is sound logic. The Cavs are in a serious bind right now where they either need to win now by making some sort of big move with the vaunted Nets pick, or tear things down to build for the future.

What say you, dunkers? Is there some sort of move the Jazz should put together with the Cavs?

The Jazz have an issue at point guard.

This is not entirely Ricky Rubio’s fault. The roster around him needs to have more shooters and space to make his game more effective. But the numbers speak for themselves.

For me, I take this as a sign of how special Donovan Mitchell is. He’s become an essential part of this Jazz team faster than anyone could have hoped. Jazz fans have a reason to be very excited this season!

Utah Jazz officials are scouting some of the top prospects in the upcoming draft at the Champions Classic in Chicago.

This is not surprising in that the Jazz always do their homework with their scouting of all potential draft prospects. But with the season unfolding as it has, I would not be surprised if there is an uptick of scouting from Dennis Lindsey as the Jazz look more likely to be higher in the lottery than expected.