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Philadelphia’s defense halts Utah Jazz

Injuries to the Jazz are making wins hard to come by

NBA: Utah Jazz at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia defense was dominant against the Utah Jazz holding them to 35% from the field. Embiid’s defensive presence kept the Jazz from scoring inside and kept them from ever getting close to beating a very impressive Sixers team.

Donovan Mitchell led the Jazz with 17 points but it took 19 shots and he was only 1/7 from three. The Utah Jazz are missing Rudy Gobert’s defense as well as his rolling to the rim that was so potent a year ago. They also miss Joe Johnson’s scoring and ability to spread the floor. On top of that, something is wrong with Ricky Rubio who had 6 turnovers in 22 minutes of play. The turnover issue has been plaguing him all season and may until the end of the year. Whatever the issues, wins will be tough to come by for this team missing three rotation players.